Why Choose Jeanne's School of Zone Restoration?

Our graduates say that the classes are fun, emotional, intense and fulfilling! We all cry when they end because of the bonding that takes place sharing all that we share.

If there are others you are looking at to teach you, I would suggest you be wise.  Go get zoned by ALL of them! Listen to what they can tell you about yourself! Ask questions and get details. Then see what changes you feel in your body. Always research, make your decision based on your experience, what you are looking for and by whom.

Keep in mind. We are here to support you in all ways. Because we know the root of all health we need people who are dedicated, strong, and desirous to learn. We would encourage you to enroll if you have a strong desire. A strong desire can change your life. It is our belief that as long as you have a deep desire, all the other aspects will fall into place, as long as you follow our tools for success.

We do not certify and send off. We:

  1. Qualify You
  2. Educate You
  3. Invest Our Time, Energy and Resources into you
  4. We Support You in Each Avenue of your Continued Growth with Zone Restoration

This 120-hour course will challenge you. It will change you. It will open new pathways of knowledge and understanding that will shake your entire belief system. In this environment, whether online or in person with Jeanne, you will be faced with your own internal battles and struggles of self-worth. You will grow in every aspect known to man-kind; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will become a new person. You will gain confidence in yourself in each roll you take on, as a woman or a man, as a wife and/or a mother, as a healer, as a meek person wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. We will elevate you. We will support you like nothing on earth has ever supported you before. You will become a part of our network which will give you weekly and monthly tools and access to ongoing training with Jeanne. Where many Zoning programs fail, we succeed. Where many Zonologist fail, we teach you how to avoid those pitfalls. We have taken decades of wisdom and learning and condensed into one program, for you.

What a few are saying…

“Jeanne Harold is not only an amazing zonal therapist, but she has gifts beyond her expert training. I found Jeanne at a time in my life when I was struggling physically with multiple concerns. Jeanne’s zonal treatments and her suggestions with my diet changed my life.

Linda Coltrin

“The morning after Jeanne zoned my feet, I woke up and was surprised to feel like a heavy fog had been lifted! I was able to think clearly for the first time in who knows how long! The fact was, blood had finally reached my brain! I was convinced Jeanne was a miracle worker!

Noah Kelsch

“I have LOVED my work! I have loved the people I’ve come to know and assist in the ways I have been able to. I encourage you to watch the testimonials videos to learn how Zonology is real and helped so many. It works.”

Jeanne Harold

Let’s build something together.