What People Are Saying

“As she holds your foot and rubs around, she has the ability to tell you more about your body, past health issues (broken bones, whiplash, organs with issues etc.) and its current state more than any doctor will ever tell you about your health. This woman some would say, is a miracle worker, I would say that is not far off. Jeanne has laid the strongest Zoneology foundation in the world. Her global impact continues to grow. We are blessed to be partners, but even more so, friends. Jeanne offers courses to become a zoneologist), workshops, advanced classes, support and framework for her Certified Zoneologists to be empowered, grow, and change the world. Jeanne is an integral part of The Cultured Collective (TCC), and TCC is an integral part of her school, Zone Restoration.

I went to Jeanne to be Zoned. I did what she told me to do. I went back and was “good”. She said to me, “Andrea, if only everyone who was zoned only had to be zoned 2x like you…can you imagine?” It was because of this and many other affirmations that we now assist Zoneologists by providing them continuing education/specialty classes, a framework to work within, and support for them to assist and provide their clients with the most clear strategic healing solutions in the world.” – Andrea Riggs, Owner Cultured Collective

“I first met Jeanne Harold upon the suggestion of my chiropractor and his lovely wife. I had recently been released from the hospital after a close brush with death. Turns out my bone marrow had been gradually failing over the period of years, and slowly enough that I didn’t realize it was a problem until it was almost too late(they said I wouldn’t have lasted through the night). The doctors ended up giving me 6 units of blood and 2 units of platelets to bring my blood levels up enough to release me, but I still felt like I had one foot in the grave.

I had had my feet zoned before by another individual, and although that individual had the best of intentions, it felt more like a foot massage and that the zoner was just going through the motions as quickly as possible. Understandably, I was a little skeptical to meet with another foot zoner based on my experiences to that point, but we  were ready to try anything that might help keep me alive. We scheduled the appointment with Jeanne and met at my chiropractors office.   The minute Jeanne started, I knew something was way different about her! I was completely amazed by her understanding of the body and how in tune she was with mine! Almost like she was able to talk to my organs and understand exactly what was taking place throughout my body! She was also able to use her Zoneology skills to see what my body was able to assimilate, as it had grown very weak from the lack of blood over time. Jeanne kept me informed about what she was doing and the areas of my body she was working on every step of the way. I’m not going to lie, it was painful to go through.   The morning after Jeanne zoned my feet, I woke up and was surprised to feel like a heavy fog had been lifted! I was able to think clearly for the first time in who knows how long! The fact was, blood had finally reached my brain! I was convinced Jeanne was a miracle worker! As painful as it was, I was excited to have her zone me again. Jeanne gave me recommendations on what herbs to take and in what amounts to rebuild my system, and also continued to zone me as often as our schedules would allow. She also put me in contact with her niece, Michelle, whom she had personally trained. Michelle was either very gifted as well or Jeanne was a great teacher, because either one I met with was very effective in the art of Zoneology. Over the course of a few months, my organs transformed from shutting down and inches from death to functioning very well and extremely healthy! I strongly believe that if it weren’t for having Zoneology treatments done by Jeanne and Michelle, I wouldn’t be here to write about them. They are both angels in their own right and held in the highest esteem by me and my wife. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ” – Noah Kelsch

 I have known Jeanne Harold for many years and have had the privilege of receiving several zoning treatments from her. I find this a very reliable therapy and must admit I was very surprised on my first visit that she correctly identified a problem I had suffered from years ago, where only scar tissue remained. I believe with the millions of nerve fibers that exist in the feet and their relative connection to body meridians throughout the entire body, it is completely possible to render a positive stimulating influence through the zoning technique to anywhere else in the body. I have no problem referring my patients for further care at her hands.  – Jack Stockwell, DC

I am 62 years old. I would like to share a few things that have changed my life for the better. I met Jeanne many, many years ago. I was in my forties, and having a few problems. I have worked construction all of my life. I am pretty hard on my body, so when she asked me if I wanted to be zoned, I said yes. I thought it was going to be a foot massage. Little did I know that when there is a problem, there is also a pain involved that tells you there is a problem. She immediately told me I was having memory loss. I denied it, but she was right. I had experienced short term memory loss for some time, and didn’t want my wife to worry about me. She immediately fixed it, and I could remember things all the way back to grade school. It was amazing. She cleared the blockage in the brain that was causing the problem. She also told me about the things I worked with that were bad for my health. I came away with a greater appreciation of what she could do for me. I am healthy today because of what she does.

Let me share another challenge I had. I was working one day and a guy above me lowered down a welder to me, and it didn’t look to heavy. When I reached up to grab it, it was so heavy that I almost dropped it, but turned sideways, and lowered it to the ground. When I did, I heard a pop sound in my back. I have never had so much pain. I had to go to the hospital, and for a week I had therapy. It was not working, and the pain was great. I decided to go and see Jeanne. She started working on me and immediately said you hurt your back. She did something, and the blood started rushing up my back, like a waterfall in the opposite direction. It took the pain away and I have not had a single problem since. I went back to the therapy doctor and told him I didn’t need any more workers comp therapy because I was feeling better, and he said I need at least 6 more weeks before that could happen. I told him about Jeanne, and he wouldn’t believe me.

Zoning has saved my life also. If I could give anyone some advice, I would say to try zoning and see if your life doesn’t change for the better. After being zoned for three times in a row, I found that I had no problems at all. I would go for a tune-up every 6 months. On one occasion, many years later they found that I had a liver problem, and if I hadn’t caught it then, I wouldn’t be around today. During the time that I was being zoned by Jeanne, I was working on a Doctors home pouring a driveway. He liked me, and invited me to come into his home for something special. I found out he was a pain doctor, and he wanted to test me for pain. He said everybody has pain. I didn’t want to be tested, because I was feeling great. He insisted, so I let him do his thing. He checked every pressure point, and pain pressure points all over my body. When he was through, he found that I had no pain. In 20 years he had never experience this in any one, and was amazed. I told him I had been zoned by Jeanne, and he wouldn’t believe me either, but it was true.

I have introduced many of my friends to zoning, and they could share amazing stories of how they have been helped. It is real, it is worth every penny you spend, and the way it makes you feel is worth everything. – Steve Anderson

 I have been blessed by Jeanne’s gift of Zoneology. I have known her for 20+ years and she has enhanced my understanding and perspective of wellness. I have been zoned many times over the years and felt the sweet healing that has come through being zoned. Not only me, but it has also been of great benefit for my husband and children. Each of them has been able to feel the physical and emotional strengthening through being zoned. I have been pleased to see the interest that my teenage daughter has shown. She has begun implementing bits of information that she has gleaned by watching and listening to Jeanne teach about health and wellness. I also feel a strength and calming to my inner soul as I am in her presence. She is a gift!

While she is zoning, she is totally connected to that individual. I have seen peoples’ lives change after their zoning experience. She has calmed fretful babies; given hope to parents by calming their fears. As parents have put those recommendations from Jeanne into practice, they have seen miracles. She gives hope and inspiration to those who are seeking relief both physically and spiritually.

— answering hundreds of texts each day from friends, family and others seeking answers and help. She is quick to respond to the many people that have questions and is always willing to
share her gift and knowledge.

I benefit from her wisdom and especially enjoy this quote she has shared many times. “We are here on this earth to lift and inspire each other. It is not our place to ever condemn, judge, criticize, or belittle others.” She is amazing ~ she truly is a “foot whisperer”. -Lisha Truman

I have been zoned by Jeanne and she is very intuitive and right on when it comes to your health needs. She is gifted in her craft and she will send you away with many new insights concerning your health. She will give you the recipe to becoming whole and well. She also has extensive knowledge regarding the human body and the workings of it.

Jeanne Harold is a Master Zoner who has zoned for more than 22 years and she knows about the Vitamins, and Minerals and all other things your body needs. She will lead you to the best remedies for all of your health needs, and you will feel cared for when you leave her home. Jeanne is my number ONE pick when it comes to a Zone Therapist, as well as an overall healer. Go to her and you will not be disappointed! In fact…..you’ll be glad you did! God bless you in your journey to wellness. -AnnMarie Petersen

 I am very pleased to give my experience with Zoning for Jeanne  who was my instructor and is now my mentor and friend. I am a registered nurse and practice in the hospital setting in Pediatrics and the Adult ICU. I have always considered myself a “traditionalist” and although I accepted that there were alternative methods of treatment I saw them as “way down the list.” I became acquainted with Zone Balance through my sister-in-law who delved into the alternatives more than I had. In particular one of her children was sick and she took him to a foot zonologist who was able to cause the fever to go down and symptoms to be lessened. That interested me but I was not a believer of anecdotal information so said it was nice. Then one of my friends had a heart arrhythmia that we tried to correct using every medical treatment available to her without effect. We decided since nothing was working maybe we could just try this method as it couldn’t hurt and maybe it would have some effect. Jeanne was that foot zonologist. She “popped” the heart back into rhythm. I was impressed. That was measurable. That could not just happen. I saw it for myself. I decided I needed to learn more. So I took the classes to become a zone therapist from Jeanne Harold. I was able to take my medical knowledge and use it to understand the zone therapy techniques. More importantly I could combine the two therapies of zone therapy and traditional medicine and help my family and friends. I have to admit my favorite part is when there are neck, back, and knee muscle pains and I can “zone” the person and they can begin feeling relief within 15 minutes. I have been grateful to use it to help people who are sick after chemotherapy to feel noticeably better within minutes. Colds have been relieved and reduced recovery times by at least two or three days. Then if I have a question of what is causing a problem I can often confirm a medical examination by doing a foot zone. This has been particularly helpful with such things as gall bladder attacks and stomach ulcers. Helping people with anxiety issues has been particularly useful because those people are in a really bad place and I can help them very quickly. This is not “Hocus Pocus”. I can measure it and tell where there is a problem by how the foot feels.

People often ask me how I can do both traditional treatment and this alternative treatment. The main response is that what I have learned in traditional medicine is confirmed by what I have learned and feel in zone balance, and I can explain zone balance in medical terms. They go together. The point is to know when each is appropriate. Often by the time they reach the Intensive Care Unit they are too sick for zone therapy. Usually it can be supportive but not curative at that point. I try to really study out the limits of each. They work together but each has its place. That is how I feel about most treatments. The key will be to know one’s limitations and one’s potential. Zone Balance has given me added resources to help people. That is what life should be about—helping people. I love to have discussions with Jeanne about causes and potential treatments and the limits and potential of each method. Jeanne is a master at Zone Balance. She knows what she is doing and when she can help. She can help in ways beyond what most can do because of her expertise but I have never seen her overstep her bounds. I respect and trust her greatly. I am so grateful to have learned Zone Therapy from her. I am grateful to know and be associated with her. I can recommend her as a teacher and as a therapist. -Shannon Walker, Nurse

I have to laugh thinking of my first time being Zoned by Jeanne. She’s rubbing my feet telling me what is wrong and what I need to take and then she started telling me spiritually what was wrong! She was right on the money, of course! I had no idea there was such a thing as Zoning, let alone someone who could detect the spiritual disease! Sometimes, she would be telling me things and my jaw would drop because I couldn’t believe she could tell me that by rubbing my feet! It was a fun experience and one that I have come to cherish. It has helped me change my life, both physically and spiritually. But the greatest achievement of all, was a new dear friend. No matter where or what, hundreds of miles away, Jeanne is always there for me.

You never know what path life will lead you on but an open mind, willing to accept the “different” in life, can give you new perspective. I love Zoning. I love that I don’t have to rely on expensive doctors and medicines unless I need them. So far, I have been able to avoid any major illnesses and I am 61 years old! I have been going to Jeanne for about 2 years.

Some of my friends refuse to try it – seems like voodoo to them, but many of my friends have tried Zoning and are impressed with Jeanne’s abilities. I hope you open your heart and try it – it’s an incredible experience!  -Geri Rosenquist

I am an active, 37 year old who loves any and all type of outdoor activity. 5 years ago I suffered from some severe back problems. The Doctors that diagnosed me said that my best option would be having my back fused and the discs removed, they were over 80% degenerated according to the Doctors I had visited. I was desperate, and nothing was helping me. I told myself that I would live with the pain rather than have my back fused! Jeanne was able to relieve that pain, and recommend a doctor who could help me! Without surgery! Within weeks I was walking normal again, I felt less pain as each day passed and because of Jeanne and her Gift I am enjoying a normal life full of the activities that I Love, and was told I would have to give up. Jeanne saved my life and I love her very dearly!  -Clay Ogden

I am one of Jeanne’s many favorite young adults. I had been having stomach problems along with fatigue and loss of appetite. The blessing that came into my life was Jeanne. She zoned my feet and I immediately began to feel relief. I began implementing the recommendations she suggested and began to heal. For those of you that are not feeling well or if something is bothering you, I would recommend going to see Jeanne. She can help.  -Brysson Truman

 Let me start at the beginning. I met Jeanne about 33 years ago. There was an immediate connection.  A great friendship began. Through the next couple of years I learned a lot about unconditional love and the art of natural healing by observing Jeanne as she would reach out to those in need. I believe that at this point she became my life saver, mentor and my dearest friend. Then it happened, she moved away.  From time to time she taught me more about natural healing. Then one day she called and opened my eyes to Zoning! This was such a new concept to me concerning the connection with the feet to the entire body, even down to the cellular level. She asked me to gather some local people that would be interested in being zoned and she would come up. Well, of course I jumped at the chance just to have her come visit. During these sessions she would invite me to sit and observe. I really listened!! It was such an eye opener. I watched as she worked on their feet while sharing with these patients all that was occurring in their body. I listened as she was able to not only help them physically but emotionally as well. I was hooked!! This happened several months in a row. She kept encouraging me to take the classes and become a Zone Therapist. It took me some time to make that decision. Somewhere in there I needed to be zoned. I needed to know what it felt like and also to know what kind of shape I was in. Well……………I went into shock!!  Go figure!!  At that point I knew that she had changed my life. I learned that I was on the path to a shorter than normal life if I did not make some changes.  I took the classes and became a Zone Therapist. She has always encouraged me. She taught me one of the greatest lessons and that is that this is a gift from God. Only through him and the Savior can we even begin to help our fellow brothers and sisters here on this earth.  -Diana Dean

Jeanne Harold is not only an amazing zonal therapist, but she has gifts beyond her expert training. I found Jeanne at a time in my life when I was struggling physically with multiple concerns. Jeanne’s zonal treatments and her suggestions with my diet CHANGED MY LIFE. Her ability to understand the personal needs of my body, combined with her many years of study, education, and experience, simply gave my physical health a whole new direction. My digestion is greatly improved, my balance is stronger, and my heart irregularities have decreased – these are just some of the ways that Jeanne has helped me. Jeanne’s ability to clear blockages wherever she found them in my body always helped me to feel better. I have referred numerous friends and associates to her. I know personally that Jeanne is able to help my body when other avenues have failed. I highly recommend her zonal treatments.  -Linda Coltrin

Jeanne Harold literally saved my life. Beset with all types of health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart, and sciatica, my life was quickly slipping away from me. Her first zoning lifted my spirits and gave me so much hope. I changed my eating habits, stopped taking prescription drugs, and focused on getting well. Now, about four years later, I am enjoying participating in my grandchildren’s sports and various activities and am so fortunate to welcome five great-grandchildren into my life . I am healthier and am truly blessed.  -Karen Williamson

My story goes as far back as to the year 2009. My wife Kay had problems breathing, walking, and in general was in a poor health. She just completed her 4th surgery where she received her 5th stent in a two year period. She had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetic, sciatic nerves on both legs that caused severe pains, and was taking 24 pills daily. You can understand how I felt when my daughter who lives in Cedar Hills, Utah and we live in Las Vegas, Nevada recommend that we see Jeanne Harold who lived in Logan, Utah. This lady did zoning and the only explanation of zoning is a person who works on your feet. I was very skeptical but because of my daughters insistence and my wife’s poor health and my love for her to be better, I decided to take the long trip to Utah and give my wife a chance to be happy and enjoy a healthier life. That first visit in July with Jeanne at Logan was unforgettable. Even though we interrupted her family activity, she was patient and helpful and took the time to zone my wife. We left Jeanne with a better understanding of zoning and renewed spirit knowing that she could and would help my wife to better health. Just to see the joy in my wife’s eyes after the visit, I no longer was skeptical, I was converted to zoning. After a week of our 1st visit, my wife stopped taking all of her meds and has not taken any since. She has put her complete trust in zoning. It was not easy but we made changes in our lives and are continuously making changes for we know it is for our good. I don’t know if this is for you, but I can say that it is a joy to see my wife healthier and walking with no pains and enjoying life. Thank you Jeanne for your help and love and concern for my wife.  -Aaron Makaiwi

I along with my family have had the opportunity to experience the gifts of Jeanne Harold first hand. Through her Zoning, she has the ability to help balance and maximize the healing potential of the body through natural means. I have referred countless people to her over the years who have experienced the same remarkable results. I have complete confidence in her with this very safe and valuable therapy. Thank you Jeanne for your continual pursuit and quest for the gems to optimal health.  -Dr. Nolan White

Jeanne Harold is the BEST OF THE BEST as far as being a foot zoning expert! She is the BEST OF THE BEST as an individual. She is so willing and capable. We have relied on her abilities many times during the past thirty years. Several times she has “squeezed” us in because we were in need. We have brought family members, friends, and individuals from all over, and they have been helped. We had a friend from Newton talk with us about how rotten he was feeling. Garth told him about Jeannie. He decided to make an appointment. Garth suggested he not tell her where he was aching or in pain, so he didn’t. After his zoning, he told Garth that Jeannie told him everything that was ailing him, even from way back in his life,and she was “right on”. He was amazed . She also has “natural” supplements – not prescription drugs – to aid you. Jeannie offers regular classes and our grand daughter took a class and now is being such an asset to our family. Well, anyway, we love Jeannie and recommend her services to anyone who is in need. She has the gift of healing and is in tune with the Spirit. This may sound a bit much, but we haven’t said anything that isn’t the truth.  -Garth and DeAnn Chambers

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been receiving foot zoning therapy and nutrition counseling from Jeanne Harold for approximately three years. She has advised me concerning many health issues. I will briefly name a few: She recommended some herbal supplements to help my para-thyroid work more efficiently to prevent more bone loss (I have osteopenia), made dietary changes which helped me get rid of a long bout with plantar fasciitis, and discovered through her therapy which foods were good for my system and which ones were not. The vitamins and other supplements I now take are all herbal supplements. I would rather take the herbal supplements rather than “over the counter” supplements and prescriptions medications.

Now on a personal level: Jeanne Harold is a genuine, loving caring person who has trained well to practice her craft. She really wants to help people be healthy and happy. She can read you and your body like a book through your feet. It’s amazing! She really has a gift. Since my association with Jeanne began, I know I am healthier and have taken more charge of my own health. I value Jeanne’s knowledge, love, and friendship very much.  -Dorothy Ramsey

When I found Jeanne Harold for Zoning, I was very skeptical at first. I thought it sounded strange, but I was willing to give it a try. I had so much pain, I was willing to try anything! When my zoning session was finished, I felt lighter and my body felt more open and rejuvenated! I did feel very tired after being zoned the first day. The results on the second day were wonderful! Wow what a difference being Zoned makes! For me, zoning has been a miracle! I’m still in pain, but the pain is manageable.

Without Zoning and other natural things that I am doing, I would not be alive today! I truly believe that Zoning has been a big part of making my health better! It is not an overnight cure, but it is a great start to a healthier you!  -Cyndie Ashworth

Having practiced over 30 years in the healing arts as a chiropractor and medical intuitive, and having know Jeanne for over 20 years, I high recommend her knowledge, skills, intuitive gift as a practitioner and teacher. I have had the personal privilege of her gifts assisting me directly and refereed her to fellow doctors and patients of my over the years; but also I have received treatment from her students who are also extremely gifted in the art of foot zoning. Jeanne’s amazing love, kindness and caring for others combined with her thirst for knowledge and accuracy is truly a gift to  human kind.  -Dr. Russell Loveland

Jeanne is an amazingly gifted, knowledgeable person. A year before my kidneys were only working at 45% she told me I had sand in them. That is exactly what the nephrologist told me. She also knew I had a broken tail bone and one lung scarred. How does she do it! Be prepared for an enjoyable visit, accurate diagnosis and healing actions throughout your body when you see her. It will be unforgettable. I adore her.  -Linda Staker

Jeanne was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Las Vegas. I was searching desperately for some help for my daughter who has suffered extreme depression for many years. Jeanne graciously accepted her as a client. She has given my daughter foot zone therapy, nutritional counseling, life skills counseling as she zones, and very intuitive counsel and encouragement. She recommended other types of treatment which have also helped. After years of struggle with anti-depressants, hospitalization and more extreme treatments which had lost effectiveness, with Jeanne’s help and recommendations, my daughter has “come back to life”. Jeanne has been very instrumental in helping her onto the path of health.  -Nancy Griffiths

When I received my first zoning, I was absolutely stunned at how much Jeanne knew about my life, just from my feet. She didn’t really know me personally. I sat there dumbfounded as she told me which injuries I had suffered, where in my body I had experienced them and how it had affected me physically and emotionally. Some of the things I had not remembered for years. She was right!

I had no idea it was possible to fix or repair the damage from years ago simply by working on the feet. The science is sound and Jeanne is a real artist with her skill. I would highly recommend her to any person who has issues they would like to resolve, physically and emotionally.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her and allow her to help my life.   -Barry Lewis

I have known Jeanne for over 15 years and have experienced first hand her knowledge and ability to help you in regaining your health. She is always there, anytime of the day, ready to answer your questions and lead you along, back to the path of wellness. I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to treat your illness with natural products and get your life, mind and body back on track!  -Penny Fisher

I remember the moment when my jaw literally dropped the first time I was zoned by Jeanne. I had been a bit skeptical, but I was shocked that without saying anything about my symptoms or feelings, this remarkable woman was telling me all about my medical history, as if she were reading my feet like a book. What was even more astounding to me was that she was able to tell me not only the physical problems my body was struggling with, but emotional struggles as well. It was unbelievable she was able to do this through touching my feet! I have now been getting zoned from Jeanne consistently for almost five years, and I continue to be in awe at her gift of helping others feel healthy and well. During those five years my body has changed due to aging, illness, child bearing, and because of the bumps, bruises and scars we all experience in life. I have had highs and lows emotionally and physically. Jeanne continues to help me maintain my health with her talent in the art and science of zoning, her vast knowledge of the human body, and her keen insight into the supplements that would help me function as my best self. I believe good health is invaluable. I attribute a great deal of my health to zoning. It has benefited me, my family, and our overall health. I will always be thankful for Jeanne and foot zone therapy. I consider it a blessing that has helped me to become more healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  -Shannon Tolman

Thirteen years ago I heard a lecture given by Jeanne about zoning. I was very intrigued, and wanted to learn all I could about it. I took the course offered by Katri Nordholm and certified in 2001. Although I haven’t used zoning as an occupation, I have used it off and on over the years with my own family.

When my father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at the age of 75, I was able to zone him every week for two years, until his death. His doctor’s were always amazed at how well he was doing and how slow the disease progressed in his body. I know zoning helped my dad to have a better quality of life, and it supported him emotionally as well.

Through zoning him, I was able to deal with his prognosis in a more healthy way because I felt like I was helping him physically and emotionally and my bond of love grew through serving him.

I also was able to help my husband with his asthma. He is rarely affected by it anymore.  I am amazed at how the body responds to zoning. It is a wonderful tool that can help in so many different ways.

Jeanne has had a huge influence in my life with her intuitive gift and her experience with zoning. She has helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually to become the person I want to be.

I highly recommend zoning for every single person. It is a wonderful way to balance and restore the body back to health.  -Debbie Fisher

I am 36 years old. I started becoming interested in natural healing and natural medicine when I was around 20. I was trying to figure out “what” I wanted to go to school for… Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy…. I was interested in them all. I had known Jeanne since I was 5. Although she had moved away, she still kept in touch with my mother and over the years we knew that she had been working with a healing technique… Jeanne’s good friend Diana, who still lives near me, had gone through the courses and somehow we reconnected and she gave me my first treatment. I KNEW IMMEDIATELY that it was what I wanted to learn. It was so profound and so complete, absolutely AMAZING. I then took the courses and was even more amazed at what an incredible and powerful technique it is. I truly feel that Zone Balancing is a direct connection with our etheral blueprint which is PERFECT. The body is designed to heal, to rejuvenate. It wants to be perfect. We are designed to live in an anabolic state of metabolism (I believe up to the age of 120), where old cells are being replaced rapidly by new healthy cells thus prolonging the state of catabolic metabolism (aging). Today people are entering catabolic metabolism before they are out of their 20’s (due to poor diet, toxins, stress etc)….Through programming the signals in the feet and triggering them to function, we can boost every cell system in the body and start to reprogram our DNA to remember how to be PERFECT and to heal. By triggering the pressure points (signals) in the feet we remind the body to flow in the homeostatic order it is meant to flow, removing blockages and opening the pathways so that we can help all aspects of our health- Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual… We can, along with proper nutrition and supplementation, sustain the metabolic state of metabolism and live stronger, healthier, and stay younger longer I feel very thankful that I know Zone Balancing. I feel that it was something that I was meant to learn and have within my being.  -Star Jensen

To have a foot zoning from Jeanne is an amazing experience. Without prior knowledge, Jeanne can help you discover why your body is hurting or what your body is lacking to help your body heal naturally. Jeanne’s gift of touch and enlightenment help you become aware of what you can do to improve your health.  -Delores Pedersen