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To book a service with Jeanne, review her calendar below to find the location and time that works for you, click the button below to request an opening.
Please note that your booking will not be added to the calendar until you receive confirmation of its acceptance. Thank you!

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Phone Appointments:

Do you need to update your supplement regimen but Jeanne’s not yet in your area for a new appointment?  Instead schedule a phone appointment – select the service Muscle Testing when you Book An Appointment.

Find a Zoneologist whose trained with Jeanne:

Text 435.770.1959 with your name and location to request a zoneologist referral in your area.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

We recommend you bring note taking materials, come with your questions.  You can even bring a list of products/supplements you’re taking.  Many like to have the session recorded – so feel free to have a recording device.

Zone Locations

Northern Utah:  Harold Residence – 441 S. 1600 W. Lewiston, UT 84320
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Pocatello, Idaho:  The Black Swan – 746 E Center St, Pocatello, ID 83201
Contact: Holly Houghton (208) 221-9334

Draper:  Dr. Dawson’s Office – 11650 S State St #225, Draper, UT 84020
Schedule Online or contact Jan Clark (801) 510-7965

St. George, Utah: Kendrick Residence – 1475 Chapel St. Santa Clara, UT 84765
Schedule Online or contact Anjanelle Kendrick (801) 360-9976

Fillmore, Utah:  Ewert Home – 235 S. 100 W. Fillmore, UT 84765
Schedule Online or contact: Kris Ewert (307) 231-6327

Las Vegas:  Truman Home – 8820 Saint Cloud Ct. Las Vegas, NV 89143
Contact Lisha Truman  to schedule (702) 327-9300