About Me

At Zone Restoration, we’re all about well-being. We believe that with the right tools your body has the ability to heal itself.  Zoning is just one of these tools, doable, empowering and effective ways you can own your health and help others.  Creating a Mommy Medicine Cabinet, Recipes, Daily routine tips, and emotional balancing suggestions are just a few of the things you’ll find here.


Her Story

Jeanne has been a student of Zoneology for over 24 years. Jeanne was one of the first 3 people in America to learn the art from Dr. Charles Ersdale of Norwary. Through paving the way for thousands of those who have sought education of this healing art form, Jeanne has quite literally single handedly, helped thousands. Jeanne is married and lives in Logan UT.  She has 11 children and raised them while she zoned. She is a firm believer that the answers for us all lie within.

Since Jeanne was a young girl, her health had been an issue and concern. Through many years of study, seeking, and a driving force to find answers, her hard work paid off, she was blessed to find dozens of individuals who became her teachers. Her journey and experiences, not only led her to find personal healing, but it brought her much training in many modalities that has allowed her vast understanding and knowledge to serve thousands others across the world who were also seeking for wellness. She is renowned for her long hours spent with countless people desiring to bring them hope of the gift of healing.

Young Hair Family

 She has spent 30+ years working with nutrition studying kinesiology, spinal touch, and other forms of healing, first within her home growing up in Orem. Her parents raised 17 healthy children using alternative medicine. That knowledge initiated an awareness and was the beginning of an incredible journey for her.

Years were spent creating and using tinctures/herbs – homeopathics, along with essential oils.  She studied energy work and organic foods, learned about minerals vitamins amino acids and how they affect the body. She spent much time studying, and gained valuable knowledge. Part of that was with 4 of the top nutritional scientists in the United States, to understand concepts of synthetic nutrients, how they alter and damage, and how many types of foods affect the organs.

In 1992 she met and trained with one of the first zoneologists in the United States. Julie Holderegger. There she sat at her feet and was taught how to “Zone”.

Shortly after, she met Katri Nordblom of the American Institute of zoning, who introduced her to Dr Charles Ersdall where she received hands on training and classes


In 1994 she graduated under his supervision and testing.

She then spent approximately 13 years training and teaching for the school with Katri Nordblom.

Jeanne has traveled throughout the United States and many parts of the world zoning thousands.  For many years she zoned 18-22 people a day. She became well known for her gifts and abilities in this field. People came from everywhere!

Eventually she created her own curriculum and has been teaching and zoning daily ever since. She spends countless hours helping and replying to hundreds of texts daily besides emails and calls about health.

She continues to receive training in health, nutrition, whole food supplements, communications and mentoring to improve herself and in turn bless the lives of all those she comes in contact with. She will be the first to tell you that for her, this is has never been a job. To her it has been a calling. Daily she strives to teach, serve, and give comfort, compassion, and love to those who suffer and have lost hope for a better life. Her gifts are numerous.

Jeanne has 8 daughters and 3 sons who are all supportive and have been blessed to receive her knowledge and understanding of health.   She raised them in a holistic environment that has been an advantage and blessing when it came to their own families.  She also became a midwife, delivered 9 of her 11 children at home. One of her greatest rewards was assisting in bringing life into the world.

Dad & Mom

Her husband John is her strength and support.  She will be the first to tell you that he has been there to encourage, support and serve her and the family in every way.  He did whatever was needed to help her become everything she believed the Lord desired her to be.  She is driven to serve and continues to learn from every teacher who walks through her door.