Start Your Foot Zoning Career


  • The course consists of 8 class sessions and a graduation/test day
  • Two classes are held each month over the span of 4 1/2  months.
  • These are 2 day classes – one is online the other onsite
  • The course cost is $3,500 plus a $450 non-refundable registration fee
  • Full payment upfront qualifies the student for a $300 discount
  • Tuition also gives you a private detailing foot zone session with the instructor
  • Call 801-360-9976 for more details.

2022 Classes begin October

Jeanne School of Zone Restoration is built upon fundamentals passed directly to her from Dr. Charles Ersdal. In addition to her 28 years of experience zoning literally thousands building upon those foundations. You will learn all about the body and its systems and will be given access to tools that will:

  • Empower you as a healer
  • Provide you with the highest level of Zoning knowledge
  • Progress through any limiting beliefs
  • Gain support of a Zoneology network that is there to serve you to your greatest calling
  • Give you options for continued growth and rejuvenating practices to keep you healthy, strong and happy

Jeanne trained with Dr Charles Ersdal and then mentored with Katri Nordblom for several years and taught for her school for 13 years. She started zoning over 24 years ago as one of the first three in the U.S. to train in Zoneology.

Learn the timeless art of Zoneology here.

“I along with my family have had the opportunity to experience the gifts of Jeanne Harold first hand. Through her Zoning, she has the ability to help balance and maximize the healing potential of the body through natural means. I have referred countless people to her over the years who have experienced the same remarkable results. I have complete confidence in her with this very safe and valuable therapy. Thank you Jeanne for your continual pursuit and quest for the gems to optimal health.”

Dr. Nolan White

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